Rugby in France or advantages to consider

The times when sport was strongly associated with professional careers have gone. Now it’s more important to pay attention to the profit to get for health. In this meaning rugby is a perfect option.

Benefits you can take from doing rugby

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in France, thus there is no wonder why so many people prefer doing this. Except for the staginess, the discipline has a positive effect on your health, for example, as for:

  • strengthening muscles;
    Constant movement, running and working on the scrum make you stronger.
  • improving flexibility;
    Changes of direction while running and fitting are just as important as accuracy of fit and physical strength. It facilitates not only applying various techniques, but also the flexibility of body control.
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
    A strong heart and lungs will help to oxygenate your muscles faster and make your cardiovascular system stronger.
  • increasing bone density;
    Lots of moves stress out your bones and this, in turn, stimulates the deposition of calcium along the so-called stress line.
  • developing speed and endurance skills;
  • reducing stress;
    The release of endorphins during a game not only helps to raise your mood, but also improves sleep. Overcoming adversity on the field, you gain profit from stressful situations.
  • building self-confidence;
  • exerting discipline;
  • improving mental well-being;
    The atmosphere of a team spirit helps to set the players on the path of positive thinking. In addition, physical activity is part of the treatment and prevention of mental illness.

The way you may start doing rugby

Everyone can start playing the sport, there are no age or gender restrictions, and your fitness level does not matter at the initial stage. The training session lasts from one to two hours and begins with a warm-up. The first training sessions have an introductory character and consist of practicing the most important techniques, such as the sword pass. For the beginner, the main thing is to master the passing, catching, attacking, feints, kicking the ball, as well as just keeping fit, developing personal physical abilities. The best decision is to start with taking part in games with other, more experienced athletes. This way you are free to learn by example and not to lose interest by standing on the sidelines. The training also includes aerobic or machine exercises as well as learning and consolidating tactical routines.

You can play the sport in any comfortable clothes, like shorts and a T-shirt. The only piece that is needed for beginners or amateur players is a pair of studs with plastic rivets. Also the game must be played with additional equipment of a mouthguard, a soft helmet and chest and shoulder pads to protect against injuries.

As with any sport, an athlete’s diet affects his performance. The diet of a rugby player includes a high percentage of complex carbohydrates and proteins. You should keep a healthy diet, avoid unnecessarily fatty foods, such as fast food, and give up sweets. These simple rules can help you stay fit.

Places to practice rugby in France

As the sport is very popular in France, you may find a lot of amateur or professional clubs, federations and one-time events. Also today you may easily find like-minded fellows surfing the Internet. France is really overloaded with rugby fans, so almost in every city the group of players set games surely. Moreover, it’s possible to find not only classic rugby clubs, but specific ones, like underwater or beach rugby teams. Though when you are a beginner, just to come with friends and play in the backyard will be the best first step.

Worth the bother to try hands into or not

Rugby is so widespread in France not for nothing. The sport is really fascinating and useful for keeping fit and healthy. The range of benefits it gives justifies the efforts.