Rugby in France and its varieties to try

Today it is one of the most popular sports in France. Due to its simplicity and staginess more and more boys and girls decide to devote their life to building a career in this field. To know the onions of the game and make the right decision, we gathered a short review of the main kinds of the sport to try.

Rugby is not a dull and monotonous gaming

For sure, France is not the motherland of the sport, but it’s highly popular here. When you are ready to start and dig into the case, it’s crucial to choose the most appropriate kind of rugby. Among the common ones are:

Classic one
This sport is also called rugby union and has already gained confidence all over France. There are two teams with 15 players each. Eight of them play offensively and seven defensively. A match lasts a total of 80 minutes, which are divided into two identical halves. On each side of the playing field there is a goal space, into which you need to shoot the ball. A little further away is the ‘goal space’, where the shots are fired by hand.
The beginning of the game is usually opened by a kick to the ball. It’s important to note that the action takes place in the center of the field. Then all the members of the attacking team run forward. Players can run with the ball, play passes or break through the defense. Remember that the pass is allowed only backwards and to the side. If any violations occur, the referee orders a scrum and sometimes a free kick is awarded.
A scrum itself is completed when there is no ball on the field or when it’s rotated at a right angle. A rugby player who has the ball can be attacked from all sides. Handles above shoulder height and in the air are prohibited. These actions are gravely punished.

Beach one
Beach rugby dates back from 1999, when
on the Mediterranean coast in 1999, when the Italian team decided to train on the beach instead of on the grass. It’s a very popular sport among both men and women. Compared to classic rugby, goals are rarely scored. The size of the field depends on the number of players. Usually there are only 5 players in a team.
There will be no problem to participate in the gaming in summer, all you need is good weather, the right team and a sunny French beach.

Underwater one
In the early 1960s, a group of bored German divers decided to play ball underwater, that was how underwater rugby appeared. The young people were divided into two groups of 6. The main goal of the game was to get the ball into the opponent’s basket. Later in 1978, the game was recognized as an independent discipline.
Today it’s not difficult to find the places to try underwater gaming in France, though you need to take out a time for it.

Touch one
Another variety of the sport is touch rugby, which originates from Australia, where in the 60s some players decided to make a classic one more sophisticated to play. Such matches take place between two teams consisting of 6 athletes. The kind is characterized by low degree of injury. Retention is not allowed and a maximum is achieved by simply touching a player of the opposing team. Since contact is limited, it’s also popular with non-professional athletes. It doesn’t matter in which part of France you live or how old you are – this touch game will be appropriate for you.

Your choice is always the best choice

For sure, the final decision is always up to you. Each of the kinds is special and even thrilling, so trust your intuition and let it help you to define.